Acacia Alley » Accacia Alley
The Festival of Sung Poetry „Akacijų alėja“ (“Acacia Alley”) in Kulautuva (Kaunas County)

Kulautuva is a small, but one of the most beautiful places in Kaunas region, situated in a nice valley of the Nemunas, which is deemed to be the habitat with the greatest tourism development possibility in Lithuania. The sightseeing, active, and recreational tourism can be developed here.

Since July 2001, many tourists have been attracted to Kulautuva by the annually held Festival of Sung Poetry „Acacia Alley“. This is the festival, intended for the fans of the sung poetry genre of different age. Since 2006, the festival has been an international event.

It is expected that the festival will promote the sung poetry and increase the tourist flow in Kulautuva in the future.