Acacia Alley » Regulations

  This well-known Lithuanian folk music festival will be held on July 12th, 2014. This will be the 14 th time the festival has been held.
  This festival is structured as a one-man band event, so priority is given to solo musicians. However, another musician can help the primary musician if needed. For example, if help is needed to play additional musical instruments such as percussion, violin, mouthorgan, etc., it may be given as long as the accompanying instrument is not dominating.
  Though this festival is traditionally held on the second Saturday in July.
  Kulautuva is a quiet resort in a forest park, located on the bank of the Nemunas, the longest river in Lithuania. It is located 30 km from Kaunas and known for its open area and amphitheatre surrounded by tall pine trees.
  Expect various music styles, including folk, bard music, and ballads. The term "singing poetry"  has been used to describe the unique sound of the festival's music.
  The audience is expected to be made up of about 10 000 viewers sitting on benches, lounge chairs or grass.
  We recommend preparing 5-8 pieces of music, all of which should differ in rhythm, theme, and mood. The music should showcase different sides of the artist. It is recommended to have 2-3 extra pieces of music for the encore.
PERFORMERS   Performers will consist of well-known Lithuanian musicians, new talents and guest from abroad.
TECHNOLOGY   The festival producer will conduct the program, which will feature a large video screen following the performances. Because the lyrics are important to the music, performers will be asked to present the lyrics of the music beforehand so that they can be translated and shown on the screen.
TRADITIONS   The festival will begin with the traditional festival hymn, usually sung by one of the younger performers. At the end of the program, the hymn will be sung together. Traditionally, a photograph is taken of the performers before the show, and everyone is invited to a party along with press representatives and event sponsors.
ADVERTISING AND INFORMATION (Promo-Info)   Candidates must provide: CV demonstrating creativity, a few press-worthy photographs, a CD with the latest music, a DVD featuring live performance(s), and posters, stickers, pins, books,  leaflets, etc.
PUBLICITY AND DISSEMINATION   Numerous publicity events will surround the festival, including a press conference a week before the event, TV coverage, live broadcasting of the event itself, and a later airing on national TV.
  Each participant will receive a case with festival artwork and a silver Acacia Medal.
ENTERTAINMENT     Entertainment will include a ship, a plane, a town of tents, a playground, a fair, refreshments, 
and snacks in an open air café.