Acacia Alley » History
In 2001 when the director of Kulautuva‘s Cultural Center, Algirdas Svidinskas, contacted a very well known Lithuanian musician, Virgis Stakenas, no one would have thought  that  the idea of a totally new and unique Festival would be born. Not only it is an event featuring music and poetry it has become a gathering that has left it's mark on the country‘s cultural map and calendar.

Virgis Stakenas – an experienced event producer (four festivals, including one international) joined right away. The Pioneer of the so called “The Great Seven of the Lithuanian Bards“ caught the idea at once.

They did not have to look far for a Festival name. The main street of the popular interwar resort Kulautuva was called “Acacia Alley”. Quickly, a new song, the Festival‘s Anthem, was composed, as well as the plan and the model of the event.

Starting with names known only to the real fans of the genre, the Festival grew, strengthened and spread its wings wider and wider every year. Although the organizers did not consciously plan for an international Festival, one after another entertainers from other countries came to perform (as no where else, the foreign language lyrics are translated and displayed to present the correct feeling). Lithuanian emigrants’ performances became a beautiful tradition as well.

The concept of “The Bard“ is a universal. That is why the circle of singing poetry performers is expanded by newcomers from the worlds of rock, blues, country and folk. The most important aspect on stage is personality.

Although these performers, when recording are often joined by other musicians to complement their message, OMB (One Man Band) only allows a one man, one instrument (acoustic guitar or piano) performance. When the only view on the background video monitor is your facial expression and your hand movements, it means that you bare your soul to the 15 000 viewers who desire nothing but to hear the real truth and beauty of the word. Many from these thousands bring family and friends to gather on benches and spread on blankets, some - come alone swaying to the sound of music just like the gracefull Kulautuva pines.

Is it worth the time?
Yes,... Definitely...